8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter old flame

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8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter old flame

Contact Us: To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider. 3-24 15 Apr 05 Ditch Day The home sites for this guide are for show info and for episode details.Okay, well Foxx didn't bring the "big one" routine into the You know that gesture people make when they're so bored that they form a gun shape with their thumb and forefinger, put it up to their temple, and pretend to blow their brains out?At least one person has died from doing the finger gun thing with a prop weapon on the set of a TV show.Thank goodness for 13-year-old son Rory (Martin Spanjers, "Daddio"), fondly referred to as "The Boy" by Paul and Cate, who remains on the sane track..least for the time being.No matter what they do, Paul has one major rule that will never change - "If you make my daughters cry, I'll make you cry." In the premiere episode, "Pilot," Cate goes back to work and Paul has to contend with Bridget dating his co-worker Tommy's (Larry Miller) son, Kyle -- whose roving eyes threaten to break his daughter's heart.

This is a cast with a reputation -- and a track record for making us laugh, so the only question that remains is the material, and if they will be able to play it off as natural and made for them in which case this could well be a winner for the season!Although not new to fatherhood, Paul is just a bit rusty on day-to-day interaction and discovers that he's grown a little out of touch with his kids - especially his daughters.His value has been reduced to a wallet and a ride to the mall. But when Cate decides to return to work as a hospital nurse, Paul takes a job as a column 8 Simple Rules was a really funny sitcom. discovers that Cate may be starting a clandestine relationship with Principal Gibb, he blabs it to Bridget. His job as a sports writer kept him on the road a lot during the kids' formative years.

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in charge of the detention of students on Ditch Day, and C. gets even by detaining Bri Paul had grown accustomed to Cate taking care of their son and two daughters.