Advice dating a friend

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Advice dating a friend

You’ve come to the right spot, we’ve got some things you definitely will want to know.

Maybe you have already set your sights on a lovely Korean lady.

Luckily, being in high school presents you with numerous opportunities to express your feelings.

Football games, pep rallies and dances provide a natural backdrop to change the nature of your relationship from friendship to dating.

Should you try to kill your feelings, or should you actually ask your friend out?

You will have to make yourself available to date and show a romantic interest.

As your guy warms up, attempt more obvious flirting techniques, such as gently touching his arm, paying a compliment or laying your head on his shoulder.

There's a chance that just as you have feelings for your friend, your friend may also have feelings about you.

“However, dating a friend can also lead to true love, so it is always a good idea to give it a try if you believe it will lead to something great.”Keep in mind that even if the romantic relationship doesn't work out, the friendship doesn't have to end.

"Just because a relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean the ex-couple can’t try and go back to the way things were before they started dating," Sullivan points out.

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You can change how your friend perceives your relationship by acting less like a friend and more like a girlfriend.

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