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There are currently disadvantages for both the roaming user and the network operator.For example, roamers who roam frequently between two countries often have a need for a local phone number in each network; either to enable local users to call them at a cheap rate without worrying about international direct dial IDD calls, or to present a multi-national appearance.It will be apparent, however, to one having ordinary skill in the art, that the invention may be practiced without these specific details.In some instances, well-known features may be omitted or simplified, so as not to obscure the present invention.

However, this solution depends on the alliance and requires complex special signaling and billing arrangement. Yet another solution Jiang SIMM-V roaming patent is to have an outbound roamer of a home operator taking any visiting country SIM by facilitating the automatic forwarding of text message and calls to the roamer's home mobile number to the new visiting country SIM.

Again, note that unless specifically specified, flows of other situations will follow industry norm and standard.

Since, during the registration process described in FIG.

The charge deducted would be the rate similar to an international call made by a local mobile of the native country mobile operator to an international mobile number of the foreign resident mobile operator.

The charge deducted would be the rate similar to receive a call by a local mobile of the native country mobile operator.

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The method facilitates the forwarding of text messages i.

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