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Bb blackdog speed dating

Simultaneously, Rowles also drags the sound through the Wah-wah pedal while the dark swampy foundation is provided by Stefan Becker’s contribution on four strings and the incredibly powerful drum line is produced by Axel Boldt.

A groove machine pulls the music forward like a stubborn mule its cart.

After their mini-tour leading them through the English county of Sheffield in December and January, BBBlack Dog is incredibly in-tuned to one another, which can also be attributed to the professional backgrounds of all members.

(translated from German) - Guestlist 3 track review Love A tight American drum sound scurries busily through this track, and punctuates the lazy mid Atlantic vocals.

Low Blow From the “Geezer Butler” school of bass playing, adding a distortion unit to the humble bass, turns a normally gentle instrument into instant pulsing power chords.

“Low blow” is a perfect demonstration of how Geezer would fill in the solos of Toni Iommi, and so give the illusion of a second guitar.

A rock ‘n’ roll fossil that is being brought back to life in a spectacular way – and is a true insider tip!

Two basses plus drums – that’s nothing new and no reason to get delirious.

The breadth of the bands musical style is equitable to the experience of its band members.

As central components to significant bands and albums, BB Blackdog are an encyclopaedia of music business knowledge in one creative unit.

BBBlack Dog, the song that gave the band its name, is delivered with a straight groove.

It is, however, the number about Rowles’ ex-wife I’ve Had My Fill with its repetitive bass harmonies, its exorbitantly integrated shuffle beats, and its alternating dynamics that captures the hearts of the 70’s rock fans.

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But BBBlack Dog does everything right: Rowles’ voice sounds as if Jack Bruce sang the Cream albums through a beer can – influences from Black Sabbath, The Edgar Broughton Band, and Stoner Rock in general are unmistakable.

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