Cameo doll and markings and dating

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While the white Persian has long been the darling of photographers and advertisers, Persians come in an astonishing number of colors, which are divided into seven color divisions for purposes of competition.

In the Solid Division, only the pristine whites come in three different eye colors.

Chocolates and lilacs, introduced through the combination of Persian and Himalayan, are rarely seen.

The cream shell and shaded cameos demonstrate a white undercoat tipped with cream.

The shell and shaded tortoiseshells have a mantle of black tipping with well-defined patches of red tipped hairs while the shell and shaded blue-creams have blue tipping with well-defined patches of cream tipped hair.

The chocolate demonstrates a warm chocolate-brown color while the lilac is a warm lavender with a pinkish tone.

The Silver and Golden Division consists of chinchilla and shaded silvers and goldens.

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Persians are tremendously responsive and become a constant source of joy and delight to their owners.

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