Cancers dating aquarius

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Cancers dating aquarius

Aquarius' emotional nature is often perceived as unconventional and difficult to understand, which for someone with an emotional approach to life like Cancer can be utterly displeasing.The Crab is a sign who is looking for a peaceful, comfortable and familiar environment, while the free-spirited Aquarius is always looking for new experiences, adventures and challenges in life.Cancer will want a traditional kind of marriage with kids, while Aquarius will probably still have many places to see and many wild things to do.Settling down will be hard for Aquarius, but if they do, the Cancer and Aquarius marriage may work.Further problems may arise when one of them will try to teach the other one how to behave or do things, as they are both stubborn and like to do things their way.Learning how to compromise is the key for successful relationship between Cancer and Aquarius.In a romantic relationship, however, they will work hard to find a common ground even though there are not many shared values.

When you fall deeply in love with each other, you may find a way to look over your emotional differences and find a common ground upon which you'll build a strong relationship.The best aspect of Cancer-Aquarius relationship is the unique opportunity to learn from each other.The introvert Cancer can teach Aquarius how to be more intimate with one partner and give all to one partner only at a time.Aquarius doesn't need much affection and certainly cannot deal with the level of intimacy Cancer demands, which can easily hurt the Crab's feelings and cause them to fold up into their shell.Cancer's need to be felt and understood all of the time will be strange for the Aquarius, who doesn't know why does everything have to be emotional with the Cancer.

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After some time, Aquarius will get annoyed by Cancer's tendency to be the boss into their relationship, while Cancer will despise Aquarius' surprises and common changes.