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Speed daters are trying to narrow down their choices by eliminating the unsuitable; conversely, speed networkers are trying to broaden their connections by increasing their exposure.Most speed networking events begin in an open room for Participants to mingle. The moderator will place time limits on the participants interactions, telling them when the time intervals have expired.Speed networking is particularly useful "when many organisations are gathering at large events." Speed mentoring sessions are typically "a series of short, focused conversations about specific questions.You will meet with a limited number of mentees in 10-minute time slots each.In the Station-based model, participants meet each other individually based on a pre-assignment.Prior to coming to the event, participants fill out a questionnaire listing their business background (job title and industry) and whom they wish to meet (suppliers, customers or vendors).

In the Round Robin model, participants meet each other sequentially in random pairings.

They were asked to stand in a line based on their number of years in the profession.

Then the line was folded in half and individuals were asked to move their chairs to face one another.

Networkers are generally seeking exposure to new markets and/or expanding their pool of vendors.

Although the techniques for speed dating and speed networking can be similar – participants paired or grouped together for the purpose of introduction – the practices differ in their end goals.

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A bell was rung at which time the two facing individuals traded business cards, introduced themselves and shared what they were looking for in a mentoring relationship.