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Don't be surprised if they suddenly changes the subject, walks away, or act as though they haven't heard a word you've said. She needs two things from you: first, the physical details of menstruation, and second, the security that when her period does begin (or her best friend betrays her by getting her period first), She can tell you about it without having you get embarrassed or weepy on her.You might want to start this conversation off (or simply let her know that you're willing to have it whenever she wants) with a casual question or remark: "Do you know if any of the older girls at school have started their periods yet?Keep your explanations as simple and specific to the discussion as you can.A 6-year-old wondering what "birth control" means is not necessarily asking you to delineate the mechanics of intercourse. Try to respond to your child's initial question without turning red or acting as though some momentous exchange is taking place; such a response might unnerve her or suggest that sex is linked to feelings of shame.By this age, your child should be long past touching themselves in public, but both boys and girls may continue to masturbate in private, some of them quite often.Your child may feel guilty about this unless you reassure them that it's not only normal but healthy to have sexual feelings.When kids are toddlers or preschoolers, they start asking questions about their bodies – and even yours.

Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . You'll probably see that from school age on, children are inundated with sexual references -- most of them sniggering, disrespectful, or misleading.The more you know about what your child is seeing and hearing about sex from other sources, the better equipped you are to make sure they know what you want to tell them. They're likely to be hearing or reading references to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in the news and from their schoolmates.Sometimes the sperm joins with one of the tiny eggs inside the woman's body, and that makes the egg begin growing into a baby.This happens in the special place women have called a uterus." Once you make it through this, you should expect your child to look both dumbfounded and suspicious, especially if it dawns on them that you may have done this thing at least once. When does your daughter need to learn about menstruation? Girls now commonly start their periods as early as age 10, so even if your daughter looks as though she's nowhere near puberty, her schoolmates' accounts may confuse and upset her if you haven't given her the basic information first.

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It's not too early to start talking to your child about the important connections among sex, love, and responsibility.