Cyber chat

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Cyber chat

The Data Protection Act, the maximum fine was £500,000 Talk Talk were fine £400,000.

But not only that, their CEO Dido Harding, lost her job.

The human firewall is vital as a line of defence for any organisation and in this video Rob, author of The Human Firewall (available on Amazon) explains what the Human Firewall is.

Find out more about ramsac’s cybersecurity services Cyber Chat – Episode 19 – Video Transcript Hi, I’m Rob May.

Federal News Network's Cyber Chat with Sean Kelley is a monthly show featuring interviews with experts in IT and Information Security discussing the latest trends and hottest cyber topics and challenges impacting the federal community.

Free cyber chat rooms are online web sites that provide a place for a group of participants to talk to each other through a variety of formats which can offer users the benefit of communicating in real time.

Learn how cybercriminals are shifting their tactics to exploit new opportunities, understand the tools and processes that can be implemented and practical courses of action to mitigate cyber risk to your organization.

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Managing the ongoing cybersecurity of your IT infrastructure should be a primary concern – whatever the shape or size of your organisation.

I think the thing to be aware of is that in 2017, British Airways turnover was. 4% of 12.2 billion is circa £500 Million, so a lot of the red top newspapers sort of came out and said “British Airways to face £500 Million fine”.

I don’t believe that will be the case on the face of it.

Most of those prosecutions are still under the Data Protection Act. It was a member of staff who lost their device and that device had data on it.

The very first one was the Bible Society in a few people raise their eyebrows at that, so the Bible Society, they got fined. That triggered an audit from the ICO, it was found their database had default username and default password on it. Since then, we’ve had National Association of Head Teachers. Their fine was because somebody in the marketing team sent out an email and they put the entire distribution list in the CC field.

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I’m MD of ramsac and welcome to cyber chat, so why does cyber security matter?