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Dania ramirez dating zachary quinto

The second season was designed to contain three volumes called Generations, Exodus, and Villains.Exodus was scrapped due to in part to viewer criticism "Generations" begins four months after the events of Kirby Plaza. Niki leaves Micah under the care of his great aunt in New Orleans with strict instructions to hide his ability.The NBC science fiction serial drama series Heroes follows the lives of people across the globe who possess various superhuman powers as they struggle to cope with their everyday lives and prevent foreseen disasters from occurring.

The Governor offers him the chance to run his own task force (Five-0).

He feels that it would have been better to introduce new characters within the context of the main storyline, as with Elle, rather than in unattached arcs such as that of Maya and Alejandro.

Kring also admitted that he should have resolved the "Hiro in Japan" storyline much more quickly, and that the romantic stories are not working well.

Within the seasons of Heroes are "volumes", which allow the writers to focus on shorter story arcs.

The second season comprises a single volume of 11 episodes called Generations.

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Then Peter accidentally teleports back and meets Kensei, who identifies himself as Adam Monroe.