Dating a man who is always broke Friends fuck dating free com

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Dating a man who is always broke

See, some guys don’t even wait to hammer before they start to misbehave. You’ll be funding him, and he’ll be using your own money to cheat on you. Finances can change so as long as they have good character and work habits I don't penalize them for us having met at an inopportune time.

He's intelligent, educated and seems to have a decent work ethic, but still balanced priorities. We make about the same amount of money but he pays child support and I get child support. I don't mind paying for myself or taking turns.

You also need to be reasonably sure of the kind of guy you’re about to date.

Frankly, while it is admirable that you don’t care about his financial status at the moment, you still need to be sure of his drive and desire to not be broke for too long.

I realize how sexist this sounds because if the situations were switched I would have no problem having less discretionary money than a guy and letting him make up the difference. And that was the way I was raised, so my expectations for life are similarly modest.

We do have some friends who are a little entitled and likely using credit cards for this stuff. This is a big part of why I'm not actively dating at the moment.

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If you mean that together you still can't afford it then yes, I can see very well how it would feel constraining, because it feels constraining solo, even w/o the desire to share those experiences with a partner.

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