Dating an islamic woman

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Dating an islamic woman

In fact, in Islam, a marriage is not considered legally valid without the couple’s formal consent.

Still, the common conflation with forced marriage makes it hard for some young Muslim American women to acknowledge publicly that their marriage was arranged.

And dozens of other options, from Salaam Swipe to Minder, are gaining traction among young Muslims looking to find a life partner while staying within the bounds of their faith.

The pair hit it off and tied the knot within six months.More and more young women are realizing that they can tap into their families’ and communities’ networks and work with their parents to find their ideal partner.And the increasing familiarity with dating apps and online dating, which some researchers have noted often operate in a similar way to arranged marriage or even overlap with it, might have something to do with it.It was never something weird to me.” She got married in 2016, a year after her online Islamic studies teacher introduced her family to her now-husband’s family.The couple only met four times in person before the wedding.

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In general, “arranged” means the couple’s family helped orchestrate the relationship in some way.