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Dating antique glass

When the tax was repealed in 1845, a heavier gauge was reverted to.In the second half of the eighteenth century blue, green and amethyst coloured decanters were made.It is mass produced using modern machinery and methods.In these distinctions lie valuable clues to estimating age.Numerous types of photographs appeared and then went out of favor throughout th 1800s.So, the first step in narrowing the possible date for your old photograph is to be able to identify 19th century photographs to determine what type you have.Find the facts about your old photos with a Kwik Tip guide for: See the Kwik Tip Research Guides here.Save time - Find your Answers - The Kwik Way Easy to store and carry, Kwik Tip research guides are perfect for quick reference in the home, office, library, and on research trips.

Effective counterfeiting must duplicate the production methods as well as the appearance of the original.

The information provided here can turn you into a proficient photo detective.

The vast majority of antique photographs taken in the 19th century were one of the following types.

There are also inexpensive knock-offs being mass produced today by unscrupulous "repro houses" that are intended only to be good enough to fool the hasty or ignorant buyer for the two minutes it takes to extract the purchase price from them.

It is these pieces that this check list may help you guard against.

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Decanters often sat on silver bottle coasters with baize bases (some even on castors) and could be 'pushed' around the dining table without making scratches or requiring serving staff. Show 19 more like this A fine vintage hand cut St Louis glass decanter, the high shouldered decanter with a navette cut border to the lower register slice cuts to the neck and a flattened conical stopper of conforming design acid etched mark underside, height 25 cm Show 8 more like this Kaj Franck (Finnish, 1911-1989), Kremlin Kellots' (Kremlin Bells) double decanter, designed 1957, executed 1961, produced by Nuutajarvi Notsjo, mould blown coloured glass, engraved 'K.