Dating belgium browning a 5

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Dating belgium browning a 5

It has two small digits "63" and then 5 larger digits "60676". Then, Browning stamped one of 2 SN prefixes on 12ga guns, "H' & "M" for standardweight guns (depending upon year), or "L" & "G" for Lightweight guns (also depending upon year). IMO, your 12ga A-5 apparently has an altered serial number (illegal to buy/sell/possess under US Federal Law, barring an exemption letter from BATF).For more information about our firearms or policies, or to ask a question, please call (877) 214-9327 or email [email protected]

INSIDE OF FOREARM STILL HAS THE PAPER INSTRUCTIONS FOR RECOIL RING SETTING FOR LIGHT AND HEAVY LOADS. The value quoted is a real world market value (also known as a private party value) and is the amount you should expect to pay for the firearm. For other firearms related information, please visit Philip This Firearm appraisal is a value estimate on the appraised firearm for the date of the appraisal.The information you provided was used to properly identify the information below. Any unauthorized usage of the Photo Percentage Grading System for the evaluation of firearms values and color photo percentage breakdown is also expressly forbidden by the publisher.Here is the information you requested about your Firearm firearm taken from – Browning Model/configuration – Model Auto-5 Lightweight semi-automatic shotgun, 12 ga., with 26, 28, or 30 inch bbl., and blue finish.

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For example, a Hi Power made in 1973 would have a serial number starting "73C" and so forth.