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, with a cash capital of $ 150.000, which capital stock was subsequently increased to $ 300.000.The Company's Works were very extensive; equipped with the latest and most approved machinery and worked by the best mechanical skill the country afforded.You can often find it as part of the cast iron base or printed proudly on the machine itself.

The machine will likely have numbers printed on it somewhere.Treadle machines were made into the 1950s, but they were most common during the late Victorian years.The most reliable method for determining the date of your machine is looking up the serial or model number.One of those who adopted his mechanism was a man who would make the treadle sewing machine a household item, Isaac Singer.Isaac Singer was the father of the modern sewing machine.

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Today, the company is out of the sewing machine business entirely, having sold its sewing machine business to Germany's Pfaff Sewing Machine Company.

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