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Today we begin with Main Street USA, “Here is America in 1890-1910, at the crossroads of an era.Here the gas lamp is giving way to the electric lamp; and the newcomer, the sputtering horseless carriage, has challenged Old Dobbin to the streetcar right-of-way” as Walt puts it in one of his “pictorial souvenir” booklets.

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It could also be rented out for special events, two of which were Dairy Day, featuring live cows and dairy farmers, along with a beauty contest, and took place August 22, 1959, and Car Club Day, which was booked by the Road Lords Car Club, but co-sponsored by a police advisory council to add a level of civility and credence, due to car clubs’ reputation for unruly teenagers, and took place September 5, 1959.

The area closed due to several reasons, but ultimately to make way for what is now New Orleans Square.

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