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“You have to keep having those moments,” said my recently engaged coworker, “when you look at a person and think, ‘Yeah, I made the right call.’”The last pattern I noticed was that most people were either unable to unwilling to analyze former, failed loves—or did so only in the abstract.

But I didn’t forget what he had said at the two-month mark. I told him that I would miss him, but that I accepted his decision, and that he should go before I said something not so nice. He texted me later to say that I meant a lot to him and that he was sorry. He’d listened attentively to my analyses of favorite TV shows and reminded me to put on sunscreen when we went outside.One of my best friends said she knew she loved her boyfriend when he excitedly told her he wanted to use his bonus to take her on a trip to the Ben & Jerry’s factory.Her sister knew she truly loved her now-husband when, two and a half years into their relationship, she saw how he took care of her and her family as they were sitting for her grandmother.So I wasn’t wrong.”***I thought about my little project often as Daniel and I continued to date.Sometimes it reassured me—perhaps we didn’t need to profess our love yet!

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After all, if you’re not with a person anymore, maybe you didn’t really know in the first place.

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