Dating for women in their 40s

Posted by / 07-Feb-2020 14:08

Then there’s also the fact that you’re both settled in your careers and know who you are, so your relationship is far less fragile than one of scared, confused, hustling and grinding 20-year-old’s.

Most men don’t even really, really want to settle down until they’re in their 40’s! Because men in their 40’s, just like you, don’t feel like hanging out at bars all night. Just open your phone or laptop and there are thousands of men at your fingertips.

Being comfortable in your own skin often comes with age and can allow you to relax and enjoy relationships more.

As we grow older our list of what we want from a partner will change significantly.

There’s no getting away from the fact that when you’re over 40 your perspective on life and love is different from when you’re in your 20s, but what is it really like to date in your fifth decade?

Here are 5 realities of mature dating over 40 Although many women now wait until their early 40s before starting a family, the chances of conceiving do diminish when you’re over 40.

They’re more likely to be ready to make a commitment because they know what they want in life.

They’ve also had many more life experiences and will have developed strategies for dealing with problems and challenging emotions.

Older people often have children from previous relationships and it’s becoming more common for families to be ‘blended’ with step brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Whether its middle age spread or pains in the joints, it’s inevitable that our bodies will change as we grow older and we need to do more to stay in shape.

If you’re particularly body conscious this can become a real block to dating.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important and remember, there are lots of examples of people later in life who look better than they did in their 20s.

According to experts, women reach their sexual peak in their 40s and men can still be in full sexual health throughout life.

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This can bring up lots of different issues within a relationship but as long as you and your partner are on the same page and work together as a team, it can be very satisfying.