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Dating fun more

This set the trend for the bulk of the next two decades of my dating life: Lots of frustration with very little to show for it. Once I figured out a few mindful (and self-compassionate) tricks along the way, though, dating actually became fun.

Sometimes it doesn’t take days to get a response but it takes a really long time ....sometimes 12 hours or more to the point where I can’t put my day on hold for the day anymore I have to do something else and don’t hear from that person again until 10 o’clock at night. Also posted in r/relationshipadvice Edit : I have exchanged numbers with these people from meeting them on a dating app.My uncle passed away this week, and while at his funeral, I realized I’m the last one in my generation (so to speak) who’s still single.My sister, all my cousins, they all have spouses or long-term relationships.This has really triggered my depression, and I’m just over it.I (f/early 30s) was seeing a man (mid30s) for about a month and I thought we had the most amazing chemistry from the second I met him.

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Clear space for the next great date to come in—no guilt required.

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