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She adds that at times, she would deliberately decline to accompany him at events, fearing embarrassment.That he was much older than her, and still couldn’t see anything wrong with sagging, used to piss her off.This development is so rampant that some clever businessmen (and women) have created special sections in their shops specifically for grown men.Tales have been told by girlfriends and even wives of men in their 30s and even 40s who wake up over the weekend, and their idea of unwinding is to drive to the nearest video games dens to play FIFA. Surely, at 35 one must have better toys to play with not video games.A tale is told of a veteran ‘Kijana’ politician (now deceased) from Western Kenya who had a penchant for cartoons, so much so that he would spend an entire weekend watching them. Living with parents There is something absolutely wrong with an adult in his late 20s or over 30 who has no qualms living in his parent’s house.There is something un-African about a grown man who still live with their parents. It is bad manners to take a woman to your parents’ house at such an advanced age.

Grown men should be discouraged to live their parents.Irene Omari, a nurse in Kisii County tickled this writer with a tale of her former boyfriend.Apparently, for close to four years, she never knew her 31-year-old boyfriend still lived with his parents. Interestingly, he created the impression that he owned the house, and that he was just accommodating his friend who actually owned the house.Joyce is not alone, many other women have experienced such ‘men’, and many others who have refused to grow up.There are a couple of pointers that help one spot such ‘overgrown boys’ masquerading as men.

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There is an outcry from women over lack of serious men to get into relationships with or to marry them.

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