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And if students are caught displaying their affections toward anyone, they’re heavily criticized and sometimes even expelled.

Because campus rules are so strict, many students leave school grounds with their dates and hang out elsewhere.

But this never really worked, the exiled North Korean states.

While they were forced to think of dating in this transactional sense, most people didn’t try too hard to shove away their real romantic feelings.

Having live chickens present at the ceremony is an age-old practice that still occurs.

When the wedding bells ring in North Korea, the ceremony is certainly different than anything you’ve ever experienced.Living under the watchful regime means living a life under surveillance, too.And according to writer Joseph Cox for Motherboard, finding a date using an app like Tinder in the heavily-populated capital of Pyongyang is near impossible.The Guardian reports weddings are heavily monitored by the government, and newlyweds are to bring flowers to pay respects to the statue of Kim Il Sung.While dating may be getting more progressive, the bride and groom still typically wear traditional clothing on their wedding day, and certain customs live on.

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