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Dating in your 30 s

Those who did were mostly looking to date women in their 20s.

If you’ve ever been unwillingly single for more than a few months, I don’t have to tell you the romantic playing field is uneven.

The person she reminded me of was Cameron, a university pal. Five years later, I was toasting Cam and Lana at their wedding.

I started introducing single people to one another and they just kept falling in love (or, at least, lust).

I started to wonder why I’d become a matchmaker in the first place. I may not have ended up with him had I not taken the advice I’d given to so many of my clients over the years.

There’s a lot to be said for helping people find love. But I’m done with the ugliness: later this year, I’m getting out of this business and focusing on other things. He’s a little older than my ridiculously arbitrary age cut-off of 45 and is a quiet, thoughtful introvert—far from the gregarious comedian/actor/journalist/whatever I’d always imagined myself with. Singledom can feel interminable, but if you’re openminded and know your needs, I have faith you’ll find your person, too.

After the third or fourth like-minded couple dated courtesy of my meddling, I took a huge gamble. Gushing, grateful emails and smiling couple selfies started piling up in my inbox.

There was unfortunately one roadblock to running the ideal matchmaking business: there weren’t enough men in their 30s and 40s signing up.

Done with the flakes on OKCupid, the crickets on e Harmony.

Done with the disappointing set-ups by well-meaning family and friends.

In general, people of all ages, shapes, sizes and appearances value the young, slim, tall and objectively beautiful.

Straight men are particularly guilty of ageism in dating. I’m a matchmaker, not a magician.” That said, the women could be just as fickle as the men.

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But I had a professional matchmaker’s inside advantage: I got to learn from hundreds of other people’s mistakes.

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