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(Back to Contents) Originally, body serial numbers were generally consecutive within a model's production, although sometimes the numbers jumped, or increased digits, at some significant point.

The first exception is the first model, the Pigeonflex!

The Yashicaflex AS-II is another exception with a short series in the 30xxx range, then from 81xxx to 83xxx followed by a new series from 19xxx to 23xxx.If the forum members had shown less negativity and more imagination and willingness to investigate, they would have got past the translation problems and saved me a ton of work!In 2006, I hadn't acquired my first Yashica yet so the unknown contributor to the Chinese website must get at least some recognition for working out the idea of a date code first.The most obvious problem is that for a time, Yashica used a system that made sense to it but until now, we didn't have the key to decipher - we could get a picture of the correct order from trim and detail changes but not understand the reasoning.The second problem is that serial numbers were pre-stamped on peripheral parts that were delivered separately to the production line and presumably there was more than one line.

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Finally, the solution has hit me in the face - see below: The Yashica 635 changed its alpha prefix from ST to SX.

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