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Dating scene minneapolis

Your last comment about rental prices is a complete joke.Minneapolis is one of the most if not THE most affordable cities in the top 20 population wise.Honestly it sounds like your interests are very much in line with Minneapolis.It is a very Catholic and Lutheran concentrated city.The rental market is very tight and you aren't going to get anything decent for under 00 in a desirable area within the city and even at that price point you probably won't have a in unit w/d.

Locals generally won't acknowledge the problem, but most of us transplants agree that it's incredibly hard to break into social circles here.

The "locals" have been here, what, maybe 5 generations longer than us transplants?

And they're actively importing people from across the globe who breed at higher rates.

I have met people in my current city by joining church groups (I’m Catholic but open to non-Catholic Christian groups as well), coed sports leagues, and an ultimate Frisbee group.

I’ve been looking online and I’m having trouble finding comparable, active groups in MN.

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The coed sports league are very popular, both through CSC and the city of Minneapolis.

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