Dating the birth of christ jeffrey r chadwick

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Dating the birth of christ jeffrey r chadwick

This in turn guarantees the love, forgiveness and acceptance of God the Father now and perfect eternal life in the hereafter. The issue is that Elder Bednar’s statement puts Latter-day Saints into the uncomfortable position of deciding which Mormon teachers they should believe.

On the one side you have LDS Apostle Bednar as well as other LDS prophets who have made similar statements and the revelation (D&C 20:1) they are trusting. Chadwick examined extensive evidence related to the dating of Herod’s death and concluded the following at the end of his extensive article on the birth date of Jesus published in In the five-year period examined (5 bc to 1 bc), there is no year in which April 6 could have been the birth date of Jesus. Chadwick, “Dating the Birth of Christ,” BYU Studies 49:4 [2010], 26) So, while the LDS Church has never claimed infallibility for its leaders, the fact that Elder Bednar (like President Gordon B.

Friends, I have long wanted to help people better understand this topic.

If you are interested in learning more about the date of Christ’s birth and Mormon tradition please read the article by following the link.

But in order to be as helpful to students as I could, I have taken as the date of the Savior’s birth the date now accepted by many scholars,—late 5 b.c. In the timetables he employed in his book, Clark listed his preferred time range for Jesus’s nativity as December of 5 bc, and the time range of the Annunciation to Mary as nine months earlier in March of 5 bc. Mc Conkie was the third General Authority to prepare a systematic study of the life of Christ.

Deseret Book Company published the four-volume series, beginning in 1979.

New data from archaeological and historical sources, combined with a careful reexamination of the scriptural accounts involved, suggest that the April 6 dating is no longer tenable.

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Aware that some readers suppose April 6 must be regarded, without question, as the authoritatively established birth date of Jesus, and thus that they may be inclined to reject this proposition from the outset, I invite readers to exercise patience and to review the evidence presented below.

A large amount of data is introduced in this study, and at first, some of these items may seem disconnected from others, but I hope to bring them all together in a series of coherent conclusions at the end of the study.

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And of these three, it is significant that the latter two prefer a different time frame than Talmage’s proposal of April 6 in 1 bc.