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I knew I had to get on something because I was rotting here. It hasn't been the same." — Many people said the logistics of dating were more challenging without shelter and money, but finding someone you have chemistry with was no different than if you had housing. You meet someone and you go out." At the same time, many people were adamant they were unequipped to date in their current situation. Right now, finding a living situation is more important than anything." (Note: The majority of the people we spoke with asked to use only their first name due to the sensitivity of the subject.

The inspiration behind this site is a local homeless guy called Vinny who dreamt up the idea to create a Homeless Dating site.They pay you with gift cards to help clean up the city. This guy met his girlfriend in San Francisco, and now he's about to move to Nebraska, where she relocated, to stop using drugs. She wasn't on the street and I was barely on the street, but we both ended up on the street. She's now doing really good and has been clean two years. Of the 20 people we interviewed, half said "no way" to dating. Many worried sharing their stories would make potential employers wary of hiring them.) Living on the streets in San Francisco: A new series on SFGATE Invisible to many who walk by them, more than 7,000 people live in San Francisco without permanent housing." "You feel like two train wrecks," said Alexis, who grew up in San Francisco and attended Pepperdine University before being sucked into a crippling life of drugs and addiction. "It feels like a train wreck junkyard, because you're dating someone else who also doesn't have housing. I'm going to try to get on Suboxone before I move out there.

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We've been together for four months now, and no, I didn't plan it this way.

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