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Just stick with this article and you'll discover that the reason you had why you stopped dating Russian women is simply a stereotype that was never true.

They cannot imagine how Russian women can take care of their appearance without spending a lot.Most people would think that Russian women are very rude, unapproachable, and selfish. Some of them are like that, but it doesn’t mean it will be applied to all women.In reality, Russian women are very friendly, kind, and fun to talk to if you just know how to properly approach them.In reality, Russian women are unlikely to spend a lot of money for clothes, cosmetics, and perfumes as they know how to be wise and thrifty in buying their needs.It is true that Russians are known to be fond of drinking vodka up to the extent where they will stock a bottle of vodka in their house whether if they drink it regularly or not.


All misconceptions usually start in a particular case and later then, the whole nation and its citizens are stereotyped.