Diy consolidating corporate files

Posted by / 04-Apr-2020 14:47

Just a hunch, but it's probably time you whip those memories into shape.

Every photo you put on your hard drive should be sorted by year, then month, and perhaps even day.

Digital Image Mover is a small, java-based application that accomplishes a similar goal, without all the extra features of a full-fledged image library.

Give it an input folder, tell it where it to spit out the results, and DIM can organize those old, neglected albums into something more manageable.

Unlike Picasa, you'll have to scour your drive yourself for unruly images, but it's a simple alternative if you already know where everything is.

On that site, you can create a single document library, configure metadata with properties that are relevant to Policies.

Examples of such metadata would be: Here is an example of what such a library might look like when all is set and done All you need to make sure is that policy owners from each respective Department have Contribute Access to this site/library and are properly trained on the new business process.

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Moreover, because of the decentralized nature of this (every department is on their own), you might not have a good mechanism or governance to standardize on naming conventions, metadata tagging of those policies.

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