Document dating

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Document dating

This means that the first line of the July 29th entry was made the second line in the July 29th box of the diary.

This is contrary to the sequence suggested by the respective dates of the two entries.

This can be very important when examining patient medical records, notebooks, diaries, journals or agendas for alteration or additions.

In such situations, the time information was added to a document can be a critical factor.

The different dating conventions employed in historical documents can cause problems for even the most seasoned of researchers.

Early documents, such as medieval deeds, for example, may be dated by reference to a day of the week, a nearby religious feast day and the year of the reigning monarch - a system which has little in common with the current method of noting day, month and calendar year.

People are busy, and two notaries could handle the same paperwork on two separate days with two separate signers.

ESDA test results can also show if a questioned entry was written before or after uncontested information on a document or in a file.If a questioned document is in contact with other papers, writing impressions are often transferred from one item to another.This frequently the case when entries are made to diaries, journals, calendars or multi-page documents.Documents are occasionally fraudulently backdated to make them appear as though they were issued or signed much earlier.In such cases, the backdating of documents can often be proved by closely inspecting the type of paper, ink, typewriting or printed information that is present on the questioned document.

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There are different dates you have to be aware of as a notary.

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