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However, when looking at their map it appears there is only one in London, for example, which is completely ridiculous given the number of potential cameras to view there.The handful (175 ) of cameras available even with the in app purchase makes the world seem very small place, and that’s not what I had hoped to share with our daughter.They are typically solitary animals, coming together only to reproduce.The female anteater produces a single offspring after a 190-day gestation period.

If you would like to book a specific date before purchasing your voucher, email a completed booking form to or call 01 and we can arrange payment after confirming the date is available.

Please note that Edinburgh Zoo cannot guarantee the first choice of date will be available and some experiences can be booked up for months in advance.

If you have any questions please check out our Keeper Experience FAQ page.

The anteater uses its long tongue to probe into the openings of ant and termite colonies, using its sticky saliva to trap insects.

Instead of chewing, anteaters crush their food using hard growths on the inside of their mouths.

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