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levels in Beijing on the basis of measurements of ambient gases and aerosol properties. S1) may be affected by transport, local emissions, and chemistry, the evolutions of the particle size, mass, number concentration, chemical composition, and meteorological parameters (such as measured wind direction and speed and back-trajectories) were analyzed to decouple the various processes.The measured PM) demonstrate the presence of a higher number concentration of smaller particles during the clean period but a slightly lower particle number concentration of larger particles during the polluted period. 1During our observation period, southerly winds were most prevalent (50%), followed by winds from the northwest (42%) and northeast (7%) (Fig. The wind was much weaker from the south but stronger from the northwest and northeast.The stronger northwesterly and northeasterly winds were most frequent during the clean period, carrying unpolluted air masses from the less populated northern mountainous areas.

The shaded colors denote the mass concentrations of the aerosol constituents, i.e., green for organics, blue for nitrate, red for sulfate, yellow for ammonium, purple for chloride, and black for black carbon.).The primary aerosol sources include emissions from combustion, road or wind-blown dust, and plants, while the secondary formation processes include nucleation and growth by multiphase chemical processes.Also, primary and secondary particles undergo chemical and physical transformations and are subjected to cloud processing and transport in the atmosphere (8, 9).Reductions in emissions of the aerosol precursor gases from transportation and industry are essential to mediate severe haze pollution in China.As the world’s second largest economy, China has experienced severe haze pollution, with fine particulate matter (PM) recently reaching unprecedentedly high levels across many cities, and an understanding of the PM formation mechanism is critical in the development of efficient mediation policies to minimize its regional to global impacts.


There is a noticeable absence of new particle formation as the pollution episode develops, indicating the suppression of nucleation by preexisting particles.

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