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There is a 32GB version of the i Phone for 0, and the Droid X users can buy a 32GB memory card to increase storage.Wireless Connectivity These phones are quite similar in connectivity options.Both the i Phone 4 and the Droid X can shoot high-definition video (720p resolution) with their rear-facing cameras. The i Phone 4 is not compatible with Flash, the technology that powers most of the video, animation and interactive elements on the Internet.The Droid X is not yet compatible, but the Android 2.2 update coming soon will make it compatible with Flash.

And in case you've already ruled out the Droid X as your next smartphone, we've also got a comparison of the i Phone 4 vs. Operating System As we said in our previous comparison, it's a remarkably even fight between i OS4 (in the i Phone 4) and Google Android (in the Droid X) operating systems.

Network The i Phone 4 is available on the AT&T network, which is notorious for dropped calls and poor i Phone traffic management in metropolitan areas.

The Droid X, on the other hand, is coming to the Verizon network, which has proven far more reliable with smartphone traffic.

The Droid X only has one camera on the back, whereas the i Phone's second, front-facing camera allows it to do video chat.

Apple's Face Time technology is also open to other developers to use, so Face Time chat may start appearing on other devices, but only if they have front-facing cameras.

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Also keep in mind that AT&T instituted a 2GB data cap on smartphones, while Verizon still has unlimited data plans.

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