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Emma forrest colin farrell dating

The couple had begun dating after they were introduced by Martin Mc Donaugh, who directed In Bruges, the film which earned the Irishman his gong.But London-born Emma confirmed the split to American magazine In Touch.All this is strange; only stranger because Farrell’s film The Lobster, a dystopian satire of 21st-century mating, opens next week, and Autobiography of a Yogi is Farrell’s current bedside tome.It is safe to say that it is a book that would once have not been on his reading list.

Emma has been a steadying influence and they have hit it off big time.'You had to choose a higher power for the 12-step programme. Something in me wanted to live, that was louder – albeit locked away screaming in a room – than I knew back then.’ If chemically induced oblivion was once Farrell’s god, these days it is deep soul excavation.He is clearly a man who has spent a decade staring himself in the eye.When, aged 22, he moved from Dublin to Hollywood, he was notorious not only for his frenzied devouring of narcotics, whisky and women, but also for his refusal to modify himself for the sterilising publicity machine.He vomited forth the unedited details of his antics to journalists – as if the priests of his confessions.

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If he has evolved into a new man through a decade of abstention, he appears to be, in his freewheeling bonhomie at least, refreshingly unchanged.