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It has not happened yet, and after this opportunity on pay-per-view, one has to wonder if it will.Sometimes, no matter how great workers are, they lack the in-ring chemistry to deliver up to expectations.Mc Mahon, Mc Intyre and Elias appeared to have the win in hand before Undertaker and Reigns summoned the resiliency that makes them former champions and put the opposition away. It was the overexposed Mc Mahon who ate the pinfall and, hopefully, was officially written off the show.

His control was short-lived, though, as Nese turned the tide in his favor and dominated the majority of the bout.The crowd erupted into a "ref, you suck" chant after a missed tag, but the official would not miss another as Jimmy exploded into the match.The action broke down, all four men coming and going from the squared circle.At one point, Dawson and Wilder delivered a brilliant superplex/splash combo, but the pin was broken up by Jimmy, who soared in with a splash of his own.It resulted in a strong near-fall before Dawson made the save.

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The Usos sought to dethrone The Revival early, keeping them off guard with their speed and agility, not to mention a double plancha.