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Maybe it’s surprising that I don’t want to start a family—because I am a woman who doesn’t hate children.

In fact, I’ve worked with children for years, and I’d like to think I’m fairly good at it.

The more I think about it, the statement “I don’t want to” is a valid reason in and of itself.

Raising children that you didn’t want in the first place is an unhappy situation for everyone.

And there will be people who assume you are a callous kid-hater and/or a workaholic.

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Some people cannot physically have children, have a medical history of reproductive health issues, and/or have miscarried. Also, an idea often forgotten when it comes to baby-making: Not everyone has penis-in-vagina sex!

Fertility treatments are not 100% guaranteed to work, and they are expensive. As a cisgender lesbian in a relationship with another cisgender woman, my sex life doesn’t include pregnancy prevention.

Some people know the risks and start families anyway, which speaks to their commitment. Parents who work in volatile job markets risk raising children while unemployed for stretches of time, or they uproot their families to relocate to the newest gig.

Parents whose jobs require travel have to rely heavily on their spouses, family, friends, and/or childcare to fill in for them during periods of absence.

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Kids Are Expensive In the first year alone, a parent can spend thousands of dollars as the sole provider in a small person’s life.

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