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I mean, that is the character that I signed on to play.

I mean, the implication there being that -- I wouldn't want to say that it was anything other than a challenge. But I also wasn't necessarily prepared in any way for what it would take.

KING: And Randy is the only other actual gay person in the show. RANDY HARRISON, ACTOR: I took the part because I got it. So, you know, I was actually excited to do it and ready to do it. SHARON GLESS, ACTRESS: Well, a friend of mind sneaked me the script. I'd never read anything like that on television and I wanted to be there.

KING: Did you have any doubts about displaying the character this way? I mean, I felt the sexuality especially in Justin's case was a really important part of his development as a character.

And the more I thought about it and considered what the impact was going to be, I think socially, it just was a challenge I couldn't really pass up, to at least pursue, you know. KING: Was it tough, Gale, and also we'll ask Hal the same thing, was it tough to play scenes out of natural concept for you, that is, having to make love to a man? So a lot of things I've done in my life are very hard to do, but they're important to do. The show is a hit on Showtime, a major hit, in fact.

It's not another "Ellen." It's graphic, raw and controversial. He announced today that two former "Baretta" stuntmen apparently will be witnesses for the prosecution. HARLAND BRAUN, ROBERT BLAKE'S ATTORNEY: Well, I didn't sort of announce -- I confirmed their identities. And he said, you know, these are a lot of rough and ready guys, these stunt people and all of his friends. KING: Harland, would you describe yourself as confident? That's really sent him into a very depressed state because, you know, Rose is the most important thing his life in addition to his other two children. KING: Harland Braun, the defense attorney for Robert Blake. Also in New York is Randy Harrison, who plays Justin Taylor. So, they sent me to the producers and it was one of the most fun interviews I've ever been on. GLESS: Because I smelled trouble and I wanted to be part of that.

And while it's produced by gays about gays, most of its stars are straight. So they're going to be claiming that Robert solicited them to kill his wife. I mean, these are sort of typical kinds of witnesses that come forward in high-publicity cases. In fact, I just got off the phone with him about 20 minutes ago. And so, once in a while, someone would almost say in, you know, jest, well, you should kill her with a bad word. BRAUN: I think any time you have a capital murder case, you've got to be scared. And right now, there's a situation where he can't sign for her if she got injured and Rosie can't. Now, this is what we've been talking about and is our bulk of the show tonight. Justin is a teenager who lost his virginity to the much older Brian.

Later we heard that he was child sitting for a friend and did not go to the emergency room that day nor seek actual medical attention until Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. I always thought it was obvious why they were so anxious to get out of there. According to his performance recent years, who will ever think of giving him an auction or cast chance in a wonderful film.

Although I suppose if Danielle wanted to out him, she would have done so long before now. She consistently lied about her 'relationship' with Gale, going as far to fake a pregnancy, marriage and black eye. Randy is smitten with the current bf and not willing to fuck around wirh Gale these days and for that reason only Danielle got in the door.

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Guess he's not the only one having planned a longer vacation.

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