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We were very close and would spend a lot of time together, and I thought this was a clear sign that he was into me as well.He used to invite me over just to watch movies, or he would go to my place to hang out, but now thinking about it in retrospect, there were never any signs of romantic interest.-I may have rolled my eyes when thinking about this one but give me a second to explain.I think we've all dated someone who isn't as affectionate as we are, someone who never takes the first step. In a moment of insecurity you might think they're "just not that into you," but let's face it, some people aren’t comfortable with PDA.

You never know, maybe those subtle touches and "flirty eyes" were in fact accidental, kind of like my own bonfire experience. -Movies and TV shows have talked about this, so it's somehow ingrained in our minds: if there isn't a kiss on the first date, it's because things didn't work out.

-Social media has many perks but one of its greatest flaws is that we have access to too much information on people's lives.

Do yourself a favor, don’t stalk or assume things based on their profiles.

if you want to know how to understand men's mixed signals... As hard as it might be to believe, some people will do a lot just for some attention.

Yes, the very reason that he might be giving you mixed signals is all because he wants attention.

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The thing with texting is that you're reading into things that are not there, you're looking at a screen, not a person.

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