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This is all great in theory, but in practice it’s not so simple.

The following are the results of our study in the form of a list of positive dating sites that we found generated a lot of genuine responses. In our study, if only a handful of sites had turned up with no hits, we wouldn’t have thought twice. Because companies know dating and hookup sites will generate profits based on desperate men looking to chase tail and find romance online, they create fake dating sites by a ton of fake adult personal ads and using the pictures of attractive women to get men hot and bothered.

Many of the blogs are filled with spam, and the privacy options aren't up to snuff, which is why this site isn't the best on the list.

N It only takes about 3 minutes to sign up, and many questions are easily skipped if desired.

Online dating sites are great for finding a partner to have fun with in real life.

You can start the relationship through computer screens, but move on to real dates and sex eventually.

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