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They're open to learning how to choose dating partners who have spouse potential and how to date in a way that builds a lasting relationship.And the people they date, for the most part, won't be concerned about how long they've been dating -- they'll be focused on who they are, where they are going in life, and whether they are right for each other.Remember this focal point - that your goal is to build a meaningful, enduring relationship. It's understandable for you to be concerned about having the social skills to be able to relate to a woman you're dating.We've found that the acquisition of social skills is a little like learning to use a computer.But alas, I had tremendous problems getting and keeping a job.The only jobs I could get were almost always temporary positions.

Your character strengths and your willingness to grow are very admirable personal qualities and are great assets for a marriage.The rest of the population may believe they are either technologically challenged or socially challenged, but it is usually just a matter of needing to learn these skills differently.They may benefit from more intensive instruction that other people, but eventually they pick up on the basics.They wonder what the other person sees in them, are afraid that the other person will reject them when they "finally see the real me." They tell themselves that only a real misfit could even be interested in them, or seek out dysfunctional dating partners because "nobody decent will ever want me." The fact that you're getting a late start on dating should not be a reason to doubt yourself.Plenty of people begin dating a little later in life than others. Someone may not be emotionally ready for marriage until later in adulthood.


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