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A partner who's still developing their emotional intelligence may be stubborn or passive-aggressive, rather than productively trying to find a solution that satisfies everyone.

Additionally, asking your partner, "Is this a good time to talk?

They offered their insight on what emotional intelligence means, how to tell when you have more than your partner, and suggestions for balancing different levels of emotional intelligence in your relationship.

If one person has more emotional intelligence in a relationship than the other, that does When you're emotionally intelligent, you know what you're feeling and how to communicate that to other people."You are in touch with what you are feeling and its possible impact on your partner," Rubin tells Elite Daily.

when contestant Taylor Nolan talked about emotional intelligence, and whether or not Corinne Olympios had enough of it for lead Nick Viall.

Now, while it wasn't necessarily Nolan's place to determine whether or not Olympios sufficiently emotionally intelligent, the bottom line is that the trait can play a role in relationships.

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