International friendship dating

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International friendship dating

So the International Day of Friendship is annually held on July 30 to celebrate friendship world wide.

The day is also intended to support the goals and objectives of the declaration and programme of Action on a culture of peace and The International Decade for a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world.

cards, but by 1940 the market had dried up, and eventually, it died out completely.

However, in 1998 Winnie the Pooh was named the world’s Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations (believe it or not!

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To mark the International Day of Friendship, the UN encourages governments, organizations, and community groups to hold events, activities and initiatives that promote solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation.

On this International Day of Friendship, let us cultivate warm ties that strengthen our common humanity and promote the well being of the Human family." -- Ban Ki-Moon The impact of scientific inventions and discoveries has transformed the face of world and turned this vast terrestrial globe into a "little neighbourhood".

Economics has become international, and the old world doctrine of national self sufficiency has become an anachronism. There is a greater urge for human intercourse, a deeper longing for international understanding, amity and good will.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of setting the clocks forward one hour from standard time during the summer months, and back again in the fall, in order to make better use of natural daylight.There is everywhere greater awareness of human problems and difficulties and of the need of settling them on the basis of good will and understanding.Already two global wars have left deep wounds on humanity.Humanity endured the after effects of these wars and all nations come to realise that war solves no problems.The immortal words of Nazareth "Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword" rings to greater force today than ever before.

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The universal urge for peace and co-existence which marked the close of this global struggle found expression in the organization of United Nations.