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This way, you can be prepared without sounding like a script. Check out our roundup of 40 unique interview questions for any position.Insider Tip: Practice answering so typical interview questions. Having work samples on hand is a wonderful way to truly steal the show during your interview.And why add a stressor to a situation that already heightens your nerves?Wear something that’s professional, fits well, expresses yourself and won’t distract you.

We've provided a few tips below to help you get the best results from your staff interviews.

While the improv nature of the interview will always be difficult to prep for beforehand, there are plenty of things you can do to get yourself feeling as ready as ever for whatever questions are thrown your way. Do whatever you have to do to make sure you are not late for your remote interview.

When it comes to being interviewed, there’s no such thing as being overprepared. It may seem like an obvious tip, but there’s nothing more frazzling than forgetting about your interview and then signing on ten minutes late.

This works twofold: It’ll help you clear your head and prepare for a restful night as well as keep you on task in the morning, focused on your big day.

If you’re wearing a suit that’s too tight or heels that are too high, you might become uncomfortable in an interview.

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According to the Job Interview Anxiety Survey, 92 percent of people fear job interviews. 1 reason is being too nervous during the interview.