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Kya dating

Ethology, the study of animal behavior, is a topic that is covered in the book.

Kya reads about ethology, including an article entitled "Sneaky Fuckers", and uses her knowledge to navigate the tricks and dating rituals of the local boys.

Convinced she is the culprit, Ed traps Kya near Jumpin's wharf and jails her for two months.

While Kya waits in vain for her return, she witnesses her older siblings, Missy, Murph, Mandy, and eventually Jodie, all leave as well, due to their Pa's drinking and physical abuse.

However, she makes a friend in Tate Walker, an old friend of Jodie's, who sometimes fishes in the marsh.

When she gets lost one day, he leads her home in his boat.

When Pa reads the letter, he becomes infuriated and burns the letter as well as most of Ma's wardrobe and canvases.

He returns to drinking and takes long, frequent trips away to gamble.

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