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“It was the first time I ever heard the word pubic” La Beouf said of listening to his mother’s assault story. The next day at school, I told some kid that his hair looked like pubic hair, and I remember getting in trouble.

La Beouf co-wrote the film’s script and hosted it on the Black List, a website tracking the most popular unproduced scripts in the industry that’s become a resource for directors searching for their next projects.’s profile of him published this week; the publication noted that the fake name roughly translates to “Wealthy Turd.” The profile also found La Beouf, whose struggles and escapades have been making headlines practically since he broke into mainstream stardom by headlining the first movie, speaking candidly about numerous topics, including the state of his career: “I’m run out,” he said. He goes to the money and pushes to try to get me in the movie, the money says no, and that’s the end of me hanging out with Spike Lee for this film.” La Beouf also expressed regret for previously denigrating his collaborations with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, right before slamming their big-budget movies once more: “My hang-up with those films was that they felt irrelevant. “Honey Boy” was the nickname La Beouf’s father called his son.“What went on in Georgia was mortifying,” La Beouf said, “White privilege and desperation and disaster. It was me trying to absolve myself of guilt for getting arrested.I fucked up.” Niels Thastum La Beouf has often found himself in trouble because of his reactionary behavior.

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The actor was also struck by a car running a red light in July 2008.