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It all began when John Lane purchased a Virginia manufacturing plant. Thankfully his son, 21 year old Ed Lane, took his dad’s encouragement seriously and began to design and build cedar chests.

Neither one was sure it would be a success, so their initial products were manufactured under the name “Standard Red Cedar Chest Company.” The brand became a hit and as they say, the rest is history!

Learning more about this American classic will have you ready to drive off to the nearest vintage shop and peek around…

As with all good things, Lane Furniture started with a bit of imagination and investment.

But if it’s just a light brown spot you can do it yourself by following these easy steps: Use a cleaning polish (liquid form is preferred).

Often times switching between wax or oil-based polishes can cause cloudiness or streaking.

This polish will clean the metal, lend a nice sheen, and protect the metal from future scratches.

Regular waxing will help prevent future damage, but it only does so for a short time.

If you compare yours to a one that is not identical, you could end up miss-valuing your piece and getting too little or having it sit for sale for months with no lookers.

I recommend checking e Bay or Google for the furniture auction houses to find examples of SOLD ones to get your exact value.

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Characterized by its sleek styling and quality construction, Lane Furniture has been an iconic American brand since 1912.

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