Liveupdate not updating client defs

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Liveupdate not updating client defs

To get Antivirus (Symantec Endpoint) at no cost, follow these steps: Before installing Antivirus (Symantec Endpoint), you must first uninstall any existing antivirus software on your computer, including previous versions of Symantec.To uninstall software, complete the following steps: Windows 7: Antivirus (Symantec Endpoint) can be downloaded from the Software Download Service (SDS) by following the steps below.To run Live Update, navigate to the Symantec Endpoint Protection folder and complete the following steps.

You should schedule scans when your computer is turned on and when it is convenient for them run.Faculty and staff can also download it from the Secure U Share Point site.Note: If you are downloading Antivirus (Symantec Endpoint) from the Secure U Share Point site, proceed to step 5 below.Symantec has had a problem with virus definition corruption in the past few versions.I must say the way it fails in version 10.0.2 is rather annoying.

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