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But let’s be optimistic as we watch this latest relationship unfold.The princess of pop whose genres are mainly country, pop and pop/rock, is popular for her very public romantic entanglements, as well as her distinctively worded songs which she usually employs as a goodbye note for her failed relationships.The young kid we all had seen on Till had an innate talent for acting and his parents realized his talents very early in his life. At the very young age of just ten years old, he started doing commercials and also featured in print.Just two years later, he got his first major role in a movie called , and many more television movies.Their three months old relationship which hit the rocks in a 27-seconds phone call from Jonas was laid to rest with a song titled ‘Better Than Revenge’, which is believed to be targeted at the girl Jonas replaced her with.It would appear that the pop singer bit off more than she could chew when she dated her “You Belong with Me” co-star Lucas Till.April 2010 was the turn of the late “Glee” star Cory Monteith.

While the swift dater is back with yet another beau; Joe Alwyn, Taylor’s fans cannot help but hold their breath as they count down to when this latest addition would become just a page of her voluminous love diary. he may be sent off with a song as the singer’s culture demands.

The relationship which took off in December 2012 only managed to see the light of January 2013 before it ended in an infamous split.

It is widely believed that their breakup was the reason behind the song ‘Rolling Stone’.

He famous for his role as Travis Brody while starring in the Disney movie Hannah Montana alongside the world famous Miley Cyrus. He, according to sources, has also been featured in many TV shows as himself, making guest appearances in many of them.

Lucas Till has done what many actors fail to achieve – he has gone from teen heartthrob to bonafide star.

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If you can consider exchanging emails and coming together a few times as dating, then we would be right to say that Taylor dated Owl City’s Adam Young and reportedly wrote the track titled ‘Enchanted’ to bid him farewell.