Male victims of dating violence ashton kutcher who is he dating

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Male victims of dating violence

Many survivors of sexual violence do not disclose what has happened to anyone and this is particularly true of male victims.

There are a number of myths and misconceptions about male victimization that act as barriers for boys and men to disclose and seek services.

While we certainly don’t want to minimize this violence, focusing on only one type of situation renders invisible the many scenarios that do not fit this definition, including abusive relationships among homosexual, bisexual, and trans* men.

This might make many victims feel like they don’t have the space or the support to speak out about their own experiences and seek help.

Although they make up a smaller percentage of callers to the Hotline, there are likely many more men who do not report or seek help for their abuse, for a variety of reasons: Men are socialized not to express their feelings or see themselves as victims.

Our culture still clings to narrow definitions of gender (although there are signs that this is slowly shifting).

All of the legal information on this website applies equally to men as to women.

We respond to requests for information and support from male victims just as we do for female victims on our Email Hotline.

This often acts as a barrier to male victims reporting abuse.Women and girls are not the only victims of sexual violence.Men and boys can be victims too, and ALL victims of sexual violence have the right to access services.Men may feel discouraged to talk about what’s going on in their personal lives, or they feel like no one will believe them.They may not even realize that they are being abused, or they might assume they should just deal with the abuse on their own.

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Many local programs and state coalitions can also help male victims.

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