Mark calaway dating

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Mark calaway dating

WWE legend The Undertaker gave fans a rare glimpse in to his emotional side as he discussed his relationship with wife Michelle Mc Cool.

The Dead Man is one of wrestling’s most-sinister performers and achieved cult status as the “Lord of Darkness” throughout his three-decade long career.

There was a big fuss made about the fact that there is a fourteen year age gap between Paige and Alberto Del Rio and the fact that the relationship would never work out because of this.

Well, The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool are proving that age really is just a number.

There are currently no plans in WWE for the iconic Dead Man to compete at Wrestle Mania 35 in April. WWE's annual showpiece Wrestle Mania takes place on April 7 from the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey, but when can you get tickets for it? Click here to find out all you need to know so you can start planning your trip.

Either way, this couple is a deeply private one and the facts about them together are definitely few and far between, but here are 15 of the best-known facts about The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool as a couple.

The seven-time world champion told pastor Ed Young: “I’ve always knew and believed in God. “I’ve never put a lot into being a celebrity, that just flies over my head because that’s not really who I am.

“But as you can imagine, you get exposed to a lot of different things because of what you do and I lived a pretty excessive lifestyle. I was about to lose my whole character.” The Phenom has apparently angered WWE chiefs by agreeing to appear at the Starrcast II wrestling convention on May 25 - one day before rival promotion AEW’s show Double Or Nothing in the same city of Las Vegas.

Despite the fact that there are glaring differences between these two as WWE superstars, it seems that they have managed to make a marriage work.

Being one of the oddest pairings in WWE does really take some doing, but Michelle and Mark Calaway (real name) have to be thought of as one of the strangest.

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Even though that is a change in generations, these two don't seem that bothered by the striking difference in age.