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He would continue going out to work, but remained fearful.

Initially, his fear would last for few minutes, but gradually over a period of 6 months his fear had increased lasting for the majority of the day.

The itching increased once to such an extent that in order to seek relief, he applied cockroach killer gel on it, feeling that it might be due to some worm infestation.

He was not sure whether there were insects crawling under the skin, but he did admit that it was a foolish move to apply cockroach killer gel on his genitals.

He decided to meet us at the advice of a friend whose relative was under treatment in our department.

He did not have any hallucinations, disorganized behavior or any other suspiciousness.

He did not have the persistent sadness of mood, decreased interest in daily activities or suicidal ideation.

Due to the itching he used to scratch the genital regions, and that would bring relief to him.

He used to do so even at his workplace but had to find some isolated place to do the same.

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On one occasion after scratching he followed it up with an act of masturbation.

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